Inspired by the occult and fascinated by all things creepy my final project from university, In Bloom, was created by mixing together Fashion and the occult. I wanted it to be a slow progression from seemingly normal illustrations towards the creepier ones. It's a zine, or a mini art book as I called it, where I really pushed myself as far as I could at the time. I felt a sense of accomplishment as my style developed and I started to feel a lot more at ease with myself and my art. Style is something that is always pushed, it's something I'd never thought about before I started studying illustration, and something that confused me greatly. I didn't understand how I should 'develop' a style as I figured anything I drew was my style, because it came from me. But with this project I started seeing that I had finally developed some kind of style, although I don't want to stick to much to it. I want to be able to grow and develop this as well, see how far I can expand my work, but this project is something I'm immensely proud of as I see it as the start of a new chapter in my art. 


Developmental work

The developmental work for my illustration final. The point of these illustrations is a study of fashion, clothes and materials.