Howl was a zine I did for one of my projects in my last year of university. Inspired by the poem Howl by Allen Ginsberg I created a zine where I wanted to illustrate the impact modern life can have on young people. I wanted the underlying theme of depression to be clear through the images of young, fashionable girls walking through this world that's slowly collapsing around them. It's dark, depressing and illustrates my thoughts and feelings at the time of this project as I struggled to come to terms with my own depression and still produce work that I was proud of. This poem resonates with me, the part I wrote into the zine is what I truly felt a connection to. I've always been inspired by Allen Ginsberg, ever since high school where I had the opportunity to learn about the Beatniks and his poetry, and writing my very own poem inspired by 'America' although, if I say so myself, it wasn't all too amazing. Poetry has never been my strongest point, but to this day that course has stuck with me (along with everything else I learned in it).