My name is Margret. I'm an Icelandic illustrator. This website is my portfolio and a space where I can share and show the work I'm most proud of. I'm inspired by everything around me, from the weather to the people around me.

I studied illustration in the Arts University of Bournemouth, where I learned a great deal about myself and, of course, illustration and the industry around it. Illustration is my main passion, I love to experiment and learn new ways to express myself and my ideas. I also love design, fashion design is especially important to me as I look at fashion as my main inspiration. Graphic design is something I love to study and do, and I use every opportunity I get to learn more in that industry. 

I'm open to any idea and any brief, as I see it as an opportunity to challenge and push myself to work on something unfamiliar. I spent a year learning design in an introductory course: The basics of interior design and architecture, graphic design for beginners and history of design. I see that as a base to build my current work on and it's the reason I'm so excited about anything 'design' around me. During that year I took courses in sewing, book binding and prop making and many more. 

The way I see it, everything I've done up until this point has shaped me as an artist and designer, and that everything I will do in the future will contribute to my growth. I don't want to stop learning, and I look at every brief I get to work on and every job I get to do, small or big, as a learning opportunity. 


To contact me, please email mttillustration@mttillustration.com

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